How do I change the food in the dog?

Who wants to change the food for his dog, should do this wisely. Finally, the dog’s digestive tract is adjusted to its standard diet, and a sudden change in nutrients can cause vomiting, diarrhea or flatulence in sensitive dogs. Also the intestinal flora can change only slowly. Therefore, we have created a short summary for you, what you have to consider during the conversion:

  • Within a week, gradually more of the new feed under the old mixing and be careful just in the beginning

  • Run slowly and observe the dog’s digestive system (bowel sounds, flatulence, droppings)

  • For sensitive dogs, allow 2 weeks for conversion

  • Check the weight regularly

    In the first few days you should replace only up to about ¼ of the old food with the new and pay close attention to the feces paragraph of the dog. Does the frequency or consistency change?

    At home you can also watch for sounds from the dog’s abdomen, and flatulence quickly becomes apparent. If you get the impression that the digestion is disturbed, let it slow down.

    Gradually, the proportion of the new food in the ration over several days can be increased so that in the end the old food can be left out. You should keep an eye on the weight of your dog for at least 4 weeks, because the composition of the food is almost as individual as the metabolism of your dog. Therefore, the optimal amount of the new feed on this “self-experiment” must first be determined. The easiest way is by weekly weighing.

    By the way: with a food change to feed made of natural ingredients and without flavor enhancers, colorings or preservatives, the typical “dog smell” can decrease. They do not only do your nose a favor, but also the health of your dog.

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