About Us and Our Shop for Dogs

In the beginning was the dog and in 2016 we decided to develop a dog treat based upon the dog’s internal clock. Our ‘ChronoBalance Dog Treats’ are divided into three varieties (KickStart, PowerSnack and BedTime) and provide the dog with the nutrients he needs at the respective times of the day. Often, we were looked down upon and the relevance declared void. But just one year later, the Nobel Prize 2017 in the Medicine category was in our favour; every living-being and its cells are based upon an internal clockwork. Humans, animals and plants adapt their bodily functions and their needs to suit the chronobiological rhythm of day and night. Thus, the dog’s body needs different nutrients in the morning compared to the evening. From this concept, we have developed today’s ChronoBalance Shop. The concept of the internal clock can be found in each of our products. Our dog treats, dietary supplements for dogs and care products for dogs are based on their chronobiological rhythm according to function and time of distribution. Thus, the dog is supplied at all times with what he really requires.

That’s the heart of the matter:

We are not only an online shop for dog food, but the companion for the optimal care of your dog. Always in balance with time.

Our Customers

For you, your dog is more than just a pet. And for us too! We do not see our business activity as simply selling items for dogs, but instead as a link between the well-being of the dog and owner. We provide you with the best care for your four-legged friend at the right time, with the right products.

Our Products

All of our products for your dog are carefully designed and selected alongside support from veterinarians. Each product we have to offer is based on the chronobiological rhythm of the dog. Pure naturalness and the complete absence of artificial additives, colours and preservatives are standard amongst our high-quality products. The credo for selecting our products: what’s good enough for us is just as good for your four-legged friends.

Our Suppliers

We have the highest quality standards for our suppliers and manufacturers. New and existing products are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the manufacturers. We highly value the transparency of the origin of our product. The ingredient for our products are equivalent to human food quality.