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‘ChronoBalance Kick-Start’ is an ideal high-fibre, low-protein and gluten-free morning treat for your dog, to help kick start the day.


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ChronoBalance KickStart Treat for Dogs

Grain-free. Gluten-free. Sugar-free. Low in Purine

Kick-Start – Rich in fibre

‘ChronoBalance Kick-Start’ is an ideal high-fibre, low-protein and gluten-free morning treat for your dog, to help kick start the day. This morning treat contains easily digestible fresh chicken, potato and coconut flakes, fresh yoghurt, Jerusalem artichoke, chia seeds, millets, fruits and much more. The inner clock of dogs, as those of humans, is oriented towards the 24-hour rhythm. During the day, every 4-5 hours an impulse occurs for feed intake. The chronobiologic form of nutrition is based on precisely these impulses. The carefully selected recipes of the ChronoBalance treats are optimally adapted to the metabolic process of the animal as well as to the specific time of the day, considering the equally important feeding intervals.

Why feed in alignment with biorhythm?

Is your dog always waiting and ready when it’s time for food? The ‘inner clock’ of your trusty companion is amazingly reliable. These temporal processes are often called ‘chronobiology’ but are commonly known as the ‘biorhythm’. There are two main stimulators of the circadian rhythm, based on the 24-hour cycle. On the one hand, daylight registered via the retina, informs certain areas of the brain whether it is day or night. Here, different colour spectrums play a role in registering the time of day; in the morning higher quantities of the blue light is observed, whereas in the evening, the red section is higher. Another equally influential factor of the circadian rhythm is food intake. The digestive processes, insulin secretion and metabolic process only work effectively if they are tuned to the internal clock – otherwise bringing them out of time, stimulating consequences such as fatigue and sleep disorders. Therefore, you should always offer food to your four-legged friend at the same time of day and follow the equally important feeding intervals.

Why ChronoBalance?

The inner clock of dogs, as those of humans, is based upon a 24-hour rhythm. Every 4-5 hours an impulse for feed intake occurs and the time of day this happens plays a crucial role in the utilisation of nutrients. The chronobiological diet is based precisely on these natural impulses. ‘ChronoBalance Treat’ recipes were developed exactly according to the chronobiological needs; a high-fibre, low-protein and gluten-free treat in the morning to ‘Kick-Start’ the day and a light and soothing treat in the evenings to prepare for ‘BedTime’. This chronobiological diet, carefully adapted to the biorhythm of the dog, ensures a regular daily routine and helps your dog to develop into a cheerful, vigorous and vital friend and companion.

Ideal feeding time: between 06:00 – 09:00

Ingredients & Nutrition


  • Potato flakes, fresh chicken meat (20%)
  • potato flour, coconut (10%)
  • fresh yogurt (5%)
  • linseed extract (5%)
  • apricots (3%)
  • dried apple (3%)
  • poultry fat, chia seeds (2%)
  • Egg shells (1%)
  • millet, fig paste (1%)
  • Jerusalem artichoke (1%)
  • yeast (0.5%)
  • turmeric


Analytical Constituents

  • 11.0%Crude protein:
  • 7.0%Raw fibre:
  • 15.0%Fat content:
  • 5.0%Raw ash:
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