ChronoBalance Dog Food

ChronoBalance dog food suits the daytime-dependent diet of your dog. Similar to humans, dogs have different nutritional needs depending on the time of day and nutrition adjustments should be in accordance to their biorhythm. ChronoBalance dog food and dog treat recipes have been optimally adapted to accommodate the time of day. Adapting nutrition in line with the internal clock, balances the biorhythm: ChronoBalance – Always in balance with time.

Wet Food

Energy from fibre is essential for a good start to your dog’s day. But where do they get all this energy from? The morning feed, of course. ‘ChronoBalance Breakfast’ includes organic chicken, potatoes and fruits – the organic berries give an extra fresh taste. Suitable for dogs with grain allergy, ‘ChronoBalance Breakfast’ is gluten- and cereal-free, and therefore, easy for any dog to digest. Our dog food comes from sustainable production methods and uses only exquisite organic ingredients. We recommend feeding ‘ChronoBalance Breakfast’ between 06:00 and 10:00.

‘ChronoBalance Dinner’ helps prepare your dog for the perfect night’s sleep due to the high-quality and low-fat ingredients included, in-turn making the food easy to digest. Quinoa is one of the ingredients containing the important nutrients and, of course, ‘ChronoBalance Dinner’ is produced from sustainable cultivation. Here at ChronoBalance, we suggest serving ‘Dinner’ to your dog between 17:00 and 21:00. Bon Appetit!

A light diet is particularly important for your dog in Summer, as feeding a heavy diet when it is warm is not ideal. Feed your dog the light ‘ChronoBalance Summer Meal’ and we are sure they will thank you for it, as the ingredients such as zucchini and parsley root are easy to digest – even in the hotter season.

Dog Treats

Of course, you would love to reward your four-legged friend with small treats in between meals, but a healthy and balanced diet should not stop here. With our ‘ChronoBalance Dog Treats’, you can balance your dog’s diet with their internal clock. The treats have been adapted to optimise the metabolic process and suit the time of day. Thanks to the detailed feeding recommendations you can, depending on age, weight, size and activity, determine the energy requirements for your four-legged friend in alignment with their internal clock. Our treats consist of fresh muscle meat and contain no preservatives, gluten or colourings and are also grain-free – suiting your dog’s needs with the quality of ‘’Made in Germany’’. Selected ingredients include: potato flakes, fresh chicken, coconut, potato flour, yogurt, linseed extract, fresh banana and beetroot.